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Where do I start?'

I strongly relate to those courageous individuals taking that leap of faith to commence a business; to seek greater personal control over vocation and lifestyle and the desire to achieve financial independence. That leap from employment to business ownership can seem daunting however, need not be if you follow these very simple ACTION PLANS. 

Before commencing your business consider some very important steps that are necessary if you wish to be amongst the very few 15% of new businesses who will actually survive (85% fail within 4 years). The mistakes are extremely predictable and are very easily avoided - So, consider taking advantage of the FREE 'Let’s Chat’ offered first.

  What we will cover in our Start-up program ...

1. Six hours of face to face coaching (e.g.  3 x 2-hour sessions) 

2. Templates for Action Plans 

3. Sole Trader or Company registration – what’s the difference? 

4. GST registration – do I need to worry about this? 

5. My Business Plan – Do I need one, and how do I create one? 

6. Website development – Domain, SEO, content – where do I start?  

7. Who do I sell to? – what is a Target Market? 

8. What is my USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? – why is this so important? 

9. Why should I have a Vision and Mission Statement? – what is it anyway? 

10. The Business Canvas – why is this so very important for survival? 

11. Marketing – how do I ‘socialise’ my business?  What can I do for free? 

12. Action Planning (Tasking) – how do I avoid confusion and chaos? 

How much will this cost? - $880.00 GST incl. 

“This will be the best investment of your career"

ON-POINT Sessions


Why businesses fail 

On Point learning sessions are ideally short. They are very-to-the-point, one-on-one tutorials focused upon the key skills necessary for survival. In just 2 hours, we cover the most vital of topics (listed below). The objective; to ensure your business does not become one of the 85% that will fail! How do you avoid this? It’s simple! I will show you some quick Action Plans that will make you different from the rest. 


this? It’s simple! I will show you some quick Action Plans that will make you different from the rest. 

  • Most Sessions are just 2 hours in duration 

  • Sessions are usually conducted one-on-one (group sessions may be requested)

  • All interactive worksheets are provided (just bring your dream and a positive attitude)

  • ‘Aha’ moments assured 😊 

  • Price (Your Investment!) just $265 per Skill Topic (the ball is in your court)


Skill Topics:

1. How to Make More Time in Your Day – Everyone has 24 hours in a day. It’s just that some know how to manage their time thus maximising their productivity. Learn how.

2. How to Target Your Market – You cannot hit a target you cannot see. Learn how to maximise your ROI and stop wasting your money. 

3. Build Your Unique Selling Proposition – Do you have one? Do you know what one is? Rule #1 ‘Don’t leave your office without one.’ Learn why and how to create one.

4. LinkedIn Profile Set-up – 98% of LinkedIn profiles fail to set up correctly to maximise views and connections. Learn why LinkedIn is so important to you and how to use it more effectively. 

5. How to Create a Product Range – don’t sell something no one wants. Learn how to avoid the Kodak experience. 

 6. Develop a Real Business Plan to Use Everydaymost business owners will have paid a stupid amount for a document only the bank wanted. Learn how to produce a ‘One Page’ document that will serve you daily!

 7. SWOT AnalysisKnow well where you stand in the marketplace. This not an exercise for the faint hearted however, to know your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats meticulously will make you a powerful competitor. Learn how. 



  Be the best you can be 


ADJUNCT in terms of added value (additional services) and better representation provided by the Franchisor to ensure greater success profitability and transparency within the Franchise system.

ADVOCATE in terms of a more effective transfer of Franchise objectives to the Franchise Partners; the essentials for maximising return on investments. 

1. Get to know your Franchisees intimately – their financial health is integral to the financial wellbeing and survival of the Franchisor. Interact with them personally and frequently. become interested in their dream business.

2. Ensure Franchisees possess an individual Business Plan that is well aligned with that of their Franchisor and their franchise system objectives – This often misalignment is what causes most disagreement, most dispute and ill-feeling between Franchisee and their Franchisor!

3. Embrace the Franchise Code of Conduct (and amendments) – know your responsibilities to fulfil your end of 'The Deal' (the Franchise Agreement), your obligations under the Fair Trading Act, ASIC (if publicly listed) and avoid the need for such reference. 

4. Encourage all Franchisees to read and fully understand the Franchise Code of Conduct - too often Franchisees are unaware of this code and their responsibility as a Franchise Partner. 

5. (If publicly listed) produce your own Franchise Code of Conduct s an Adjunct - to illustrate 'leadership by example' and better understanding that the financial well-being of the franchise network is aligned and paramount to the interest of the Shareholder.

6. Deploy empathetic behavior toward Franchise challenges - after all most of these challenges are solved simply by better compliance with the Franchise Agreement. 

7. Include key Franchisee representatives on Action Committees - this promotes bipartisan mentality and ownership. Key franchisee representatives will carry the message more sincerely and create trust throughout the Franchise.

8. (If a multi-brand Franchisor) Consider opportunities for retail lease deals with developers of strip shop constructions. - existing retail lease  rates are inflated and usually represent the largest overhead faced by the Franchisee. Multi lease deals will ...

i) guarantee more reasonable lease rates 

ii) increase profitability

iii) improve brand reputation as an investment.

9. Avoid infatuation with supply-chain rebates or margins as an inflated source of Franchisor revenue - remember a great margin on the primary supply chain materials is redundant if the Franchise network is struggling to achieve profitability.

10. Avoid long period of low net Franchisee profit - historical evidence shows this condition promotes wage theft and consequently decline of the brand's credibility. This is disastrous  for sales and investor interest.

More Services and Products

Sales - Train Your Team


Better Conversion Rates = more Sales!


Employees are your business's greatest asset. They are the cement between your operation's bricks. 

Your Sales Team is the driver of your Vision via your Mission.

Investment in human resources will pay immediate dividends. Ensuring your key people have the training tools necessary will increase productivity and in turn your profits.

It is not a coincidence that the most successful businesses of the 21'st century build cultures of continued learning, transparency of goals and encouragement for creative input - not by contracting the world's best Accountant.

These are the things that will make your people want to be their very best every day. 

Secrets of the Salesman


Learn how to sell professionally, create repeat business and gain referrals.

Time Management

“Time isn’t the main thing; it is the only thing.”                                                                                    Miles Davis 


Fresh Eyes Action Plans for Businesses sincerely guarantees...


Through our ‘back to basics’ and interactive action planning, our Customers will experience an immediate and positive difference to the way they think, act and respond within their business.

John B. Lonergan





Fresh Eyes will become the ‘GO TO’ Hub for those businesses determined to achieve better profit, better work-life mix and a more prominent 

business profile.



 By implementing well designed but simple Action Plans, ‘Fresh Eyes’ will quickly empower people and businesses with sustainable strategies paramount to success, competitiveness and profitability.