Discovery for Action Planning / how to write a business plan

What’s in it for me?


  • Simply 2 to 3 hours in conversation and/or observation.

When finished, the full extent of your progress may not be obvious – just yet! However, the light will turn on at our next session where I will return with the fruits of our labour outlined in a Report identifying the ‘big ticket items’. Now we can discuss what Action Plans are well within your grasp and make the necessary changes to drive your business machine forward. 

  • What is my Business Plan? Do I Even Have One?

We will take a step back from the coalface and simply look at the important aspects of operations. We shall talk about the answers to questions such as,

· Why am I [you] doing this? 

· Where do I want to be? 

· Am I sticking to the plan? 

· What is the plan? 

With these questions (and a few others) in mind, we will take a snapshot of your current business. This quick and easy session will highlight aspects that may not have been so obvious from inside the fishbowl. Those annoying challenges that have been hobbling profit and business growth can be seen alongside their solutions. Remember, use all your disadvantages to your advantage!

  • Discover what is really stopping LEADS converting into SALES  

  1.  What is stopping those Leads from generating faster?   
  2. Why are sales being lost to low 
  3. Conversion Rates poor?

Correctly identifying your business Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats will allow focus, productivity, better time management and greater ROI.

  • Learn what makes Customers WANT to do business with you.

  1.  See clearly how your business can stand out from the rest. 
  2. · Grasp the information necessary to differentiate your products and services from the rest. 
  3. · Discover what will make customers want to deal with your business in preference to the others. 

  •  Value-add products to maximise margin and PROFIT.

The solution at your fingertips is to not give away your profit margin simply to close that sale! The Price has nothing to do with the Sale. Yes, that’s right! It is about how you project your product and service to your customer (the Sales Plan). It is your customer’s perception of value-for-money relating to the transaction with your business. This is known as the ‘Buying Experience’ – this is gold! 

“This will be the best business you have ever invested in!

Fresh Eyes Action Plans for Businesses - Discovery for Action Planning

Fresh Eyes Action Plans for Businesses - Discovery for Action Planning

My Start up - Where do I start?

I strongly relate to those courageous individuals taking that leap of faith to commence a business;

... to seek greater personal control over vocation and lifestyle and the desire to achieve financial independence.

That leap from employment to business ownership can seem daunting however, need not be if you follow these very simple ACTION PLANS. 

Some Simple Advice: Before commencing your business consider the results you are expecting from this venture (consider taking advantage of my FREE CHAT offered). 

From this point decide upon the type of business would best fit the model you have in mind. For example, will it be the manufacturing process, distribution, wholesaling or marketing and retail.  

Commence building your Network. Not just ‘networking’ (talking to as many people as possible with just one mouth and at one time only) but developing a network of trusted relationships (many mouths all speaking at any one time - Advocators). Advocators who will not be afraid to mention your name or recommend your advice. Do this alongside the safety of your employment before you take the plunge.  Yes, you will feel a little like juggling however, it is a smart transitional option where possible, it is the transition to your new future and you will be the beneficiary of your efforts. 


 Expect opportunities to arise as a natural course of events when ‘building’ your network. Transition ergonomically and economically. Also commence at a moderate pace without ‘biting off’ too much to swallow at once. You will know when the ‘Jumping Point’ has been reached because the financial incentive will be calling, your operational structure will be in place and your heart will also be there.  Caution: transition out of your vocation strategically and considerately as you may well find a small but important part of your network has come from your old job and may require periodic revisits. Leave doors open. 


Your Network is at the very ‘Front-end’ of your business. Sounds strange I know, and most people unfortunately fail to recognise this. The network you build will (usually) feed a good deal of business directly to your Website. Your Website will in turn feed business directly to you for processing and managing. All other elements of your business such as the Business Plan, Strategic Plan, Sales Plan, and Growth etc. can only then be used. Can you see these three simple actions in order? If these three actions are ergonomic and time-management-wise, you will not have a problem growing your Start-up Business. It is not as daunting as it initially may appear however, keep it simple and keep it cheap. Use Fresh Eyes Action Plans

“This will be the best business you have ever invested in!” 


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