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4 Contact weeks (5 days x 5 hrs/day) over an 8-week period


 4 Contact weeks (5 days x 5 hrs/day) over an 8-week (2 months) period / 

alternating weeks or as convenient for the project intended.

Discovery Session Report; We reiterate the previously developed Actions Plans to clarify once more the challenges being faced, the goals that have been set and actions to commence.

Actions Plan Development;. Action Plans should always conform with ‘SMART’ criteria (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based). There is usually three or four significant Action Plans necessary, so several areas of operation can be addressed consecutively (within reason) to generate momentum for change. Keep in mind, the 4 weeks of direct contact over a two-month period will pass quickly as the new focus energises existing processes. Certainty and decisive action takes the place of procrastination and average results.

 A good Business Plans needs only one page. Many businesses keep their Business Plan filed away at the back of the cabinet, rarely if ever seen and where it was first stowed after its costly and likely futile production. We will produce a Business Plan on one page that you will observe and use every day! It will be clear, quick and easy to read, and user-friendly. It will be at your fingertips daily for checking your mindset and the focus of your Actions Plans. Warning; these types of Business Plans are very effective!

 Target Market Identification is double checked and confirmed. Far too often businesses fail to either recognise their ideal target market or review the topic periodically. This leads to poor advertising results, lower conversion of leads to sales and unsatisfactory ROI. You cannot hit a target you cannot see!

  USP (Unique Selling Proposition) development is crucial. It is the ‘WHY’ your customers should buy from you as opposed to a competitor. It is the ‘What’ your business can do/possesses that competitors cannot do or match. If not already established (which is often the case) immediate steps are begun to revise or initiate the correct USP. Here is a hint; the ‘why’ you do business is closely related to the ‘why’ customers will want to deal with you. Never leave the office without your USP!

 Sales Plan development is another crucial element of success most businesses fail to acknowledge and to formulate. Sales Planning is simply plotting the road map necessary for your frontline salespeople to achieve a sale. Unfortunately, most salespeople are not playing the numbers game well and remain hopeful an order will fall into their laps. Fail to plan and you are planning to fail!

Maximise ROI to achieve better profitability. Data capture to empower your advertising dollar is one of the most efficient ways of adding profit to your bottom line. Unfortunately, this strategy too is rarely understood. I strongly believe 95 cents in every advertising dollar spent is wasted. Advertisers care little about this so, take control of the levers that will significantly lead to better conversion rates and profit margins. The methodical business practice of data capture regarding advertising pays dividends in even greater proportions over time. Small efforts and investments of time with your key people will allow for clever decision making down the line. It really is that simple. 

SWOT analysis will put your business in an excellent position to make critical investment decisions for the future. The process of developing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats recognition allow ‘peace of mind’ strategies to ensure robust results during boom and recession. Use all your disadvantages to your advantage.

Time Management Skill is one of the greatest attribute any person can possess in life however, most will fail to build on this skill. There is not a person in any organisation that would not do a better job with just a couple of short poignant sessions to bring priorities back in order. Productivity will rise, stress levels will fall, and people will start to enjoy taking responsibility with renewed pride and ownership. We all have the same hours in a day, just ask any Billionaire.

Your Toolbox has enough in it by this time to keep you busy for at least the next year or two. However, if assistance is required periodically you may like to book timely Merchandising for Change Sessions where we get back together periodically for hourly periods. We iron out individual issues or reimplement Action Plans for new people. Practice makes perfect.

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 “This will be the best business you have ever invested in!” 

Fresh Eyes Action Plans for Businesses - Action the Action Plans

Fresh Eyes Action Plans for Businesses - Action the Action Plans

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